Benefits of Compression Boots for Swelling Of The Legs

Swelling of the legs is a relatively common affliction and health complaint, one that may present a great deal of discomfort. 

Whatever part of your body you experience swelling in, you may be familiar with some therapies to address it - for instance compression therapy. 

However - today we touch upon an optimised version of this treatment, which has been recognised to hold clinically proven benefits for addressing a variety of circulatory/lymphatic oriented issues (including swelling). 

Continue reading to learn about compression boots and our Endurance Massage boots which can help you manage your leg swelling and improve your circulation! 

What is Swelling? 

Swelling can occur in any part of the body, and has multiple potential roots - from injuries to inflammation or trapped/retained bodily fluid. 

In this article, we most specifically discuss benefits relating to the latter two. 

Symptoms may include: 

  • Enlargement of a certain part of the body

  • Pain or discomfort in the area 

  • Warm skin/sensitivity to touch 

  • Inability to fit properly into certain gear or clothing (due to increased size of the affected area).

How to Use Compression Boots 

You may have heard of or be familiar with compression stockings? Well, compression boots are a similar premise; however they are a slightly altered more modern technology format, as a boot worn instead of a stocking. 

They may be referred to by numerous names: from compression boots, to lymphedema boots or PCD’s (pneumatic compression device) however irrespective of the term used: they possess a few key benefits:

  • Most notably, they serve to increase blood flow to the designated area alongside optimising circulation.

  • Boots may differentiate from other compression means in that they rise up as far as the knee 

  • They make use of pneumatic (air) compression technology, through chambers in the boots that apply compression upon leg muscles 

  • Flush out excess lactic acid post exercise 

  • Result in swelling and inflammation reduction. 

Can Our Massage Boots Help With Swelling? 

Compression boots have the potential ability to assist with swelling to quite a degree - both from a symptom management perspective and even on a core level, depending on the cause. 

Swelling may often have root in fluid retention or inflammation as mentioned, and compression boots have a number of primary core benefits that aid in addressing this. 

  1. Firstly, they optimise circulation and increase blood flow! 

Swelling and inflammation may occur when fluid is not moving properly through the bodily area. 

  • Compression boots work to increase lymphatic drainage, moving fluid through the system and distributing it more evenly through the body as the massage works on resolving impaired circulation. 

  • Stimulating blood flow to the area, they additionally help to increase blood oxygen uptake as a result. 

  • They may also assist with obstructing fluid from leaking from the smaller blood vessels within bodily areas. 

  1. Support your lymphatic system overall, helping your body to move through toxins and fluids more effectively. 

When your lymphatic pathways are clogged, massages/other forms of compression therapy have been documented to be amongst the most effective remedies.

Promoting and stimulating the lymphatic system holds immense overall health benefits: and swelling may be included amongst them!

Both overall benefit to the lymphatic system and circulation assistance are a great combination effect to resolve toxin backup and trapped fluid, in turn reducing swelling.

  1. Restores bodily recovery/removes excess lactic acid (especially after standing for long lengths of time!) 

Compression boots are an excellent excess lactic acid removal option. Swelling can result from sitting or standing for long periods - and often with sedentary lifestyles and modern day work, this can have a profound impact. 

Post exercise swelling may be reduced by wearing boots, additionally speeding up recovery and reducing symptoms on the way! 

  1. Gentle pressure application/massage constricts the swollen area, diminishing and reducing appearance and smoothing out the area. 

As the fluid and trapped lymphatic system begin to restore their drainage ability, you will likely notice visible reduction in the swollen area. 

The pressure gently applied by the boots constricts around the area, reducing the swelling and promoting symptom relief while working their core above benefits!

How to Use Them:

Simply place your compression boots onto your legs, slipping into them! 

Boots are easy and convenient to use at home, and should settle at the top of your thighs. 

Make sure to check with your doctor that the boots are suitable for any conditions you may possess. 


Endurance Massage boots can prove a pivotal therapy and excellent home alternative to an already well known and loved/proven therapy - compression therapy.

They may hold notable benefits for swelling reduction, and aid with symptom alleviation to increase quality of life and overall circulation.

If you’re affected by swelling, consider trying them out today to harness their accessibility and efficacy - and claim some of these proven benefits and comforts for yourself!