Endurance Recovery Boots Sizing

Have you decided to buy Endurance Recovery Boots? Are you not sure what size you need? We have compiled the most important information and tips so that you can find the right size.

Sizes for Endurance Recovery Boots

The Endurance Recovery Boots are available in three different sizes. To find the best size, we recommend measuring your inside leg length. Selecting a size on the basis of height will be inaccurate.

The sizes we offer:

  • M: The recovery boots in M are sufficient up to an inside leg length of 81 cm. If your leg circumference is relatively low, you may need to balance it with a higher pressure to get the optimal recovery application.
  • L: With an inside leg length between 82 cm and 88 cm, rebooting in L is usually best.
  • XL: For an insideleg length of 89 cm and higher, we recommend the Reboots XL.

The Right Fit

Recovery boots should be pulled as high as possible. Only the tips of your toes (not the full toes!) should be seen at the end. This way your entire legs will benefit from the recovery massage.

You may be worried that size M is too big for you. From our experience, people who are at least 165 cm tall should be able to use the size M boots. The fit may not be perfect, but it will be acceptable. However, we do not recommend using the boots for people under 160 cm. If your leg circumference is also relatively small, you may have to work with a relatively high pressure.