Endurance Recovery Boots Sizing

Have you decided to buy Endurance Recovery Boots? Are you not sure what size you need? We have compiled the most important information and tips so that you can find the right size.

Sizes for Endurance Recovery Boots

There are two sizes M and L. The smaller size boots M are 110 cm long and typically are meant for leg inseam up to 87-88 cm, typically if your height is from 1.55-1.75 m. The large size boots L are 125 cm long and are meant for leg inseam larger than 88 cm, typically if your height is 1.76-2.00 m or you simply have long legs. What happens if you choose the wrong size? If too small, the boots will not reach your upper parts of the legs, the effect still will be there but you will not have the massage for the full length of your leg. If chosen too big, it will not be very comfortable and the bigger boots will slip away, therefore we strongly advise to choose the right size according to the guidelines above! However, if in doubt and your measures are on the borderline - go for the bigger size!

    The Right Fit

    Recovery boots should be pulled as high as possible. Only the tips of your toes (not the full toes!) should be seen at the end. This way your entire legs will benefit from the recovery massage.

    Childrens Size

    We can get smaller size boots for children but these are by special order