Compression Boots: How Can They Assist With Varicose Veins?


If you personally struggle with varicose veins, you may be seeking alternative methods of assistance alongside those you have attempted or are currently trying. Compression therapy is a widely known and distributed treatment for a variety of conditions: but below we cover an innovative form of this that utilises newer, effective technology, all whilst remaining a simple and accessible home option - compression boots.

The below guide serves to inform you on what compression boots are, the various benefits they offer, and importantly: how they may aid in treatment of varicose veins.

Carry on reading to learn the benefits you may reap from this excellent option!

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What are varicose veins? 

Varicose veins are visibly twisted and apparent/bulging blue veins that may result in sensations of discomfort or swelling, most commonly occurring on the legs.

A variety of symptoms alongside these may additionally present, like: 

  • Swelling (typically mild, and occuring in the ankles or foot area) 

  • Dark purplish/blue vein appearance 

  • Visibly appearing bulging veins 

  • Pain or achey sensations in legs 

  • Cramps/throbbing sensations, or pain after remaining seated/standing for long periods

  • Itchiness surrounding the veins 

Typically, if well treated with management strategies put in place, varicose veins will not lead to further complications. However, they hold potential to do so in certain scenarios - and it is ideal to attempt various treatment methods in order to prevent them.

What are compression boots?

A commonly used method in compression therapy you may be familiar with are compression stockings. Well: compression boots are a similar premise, however in a slightly altered more modern technology format, and come in the form of a boot to wear instead of a stocking.

Referable to by numerous names: from compression boots, to lymphedema boots or PCD’s (pneumatic compression device) however irrespective of the term used: they possess a few key benefits:

  • Most notably, they serve to increase blood flow to the designated area alongside preventing pooling 

  • They optimise circulation through gentle pressure 

  • Boots may differentiate from other compression means in that they rise up as far as the knee 

  • Boots make use of pneumatic (air) compression technology, through chambers in the boots that apply compression upon leg muscles 

  • Result in swelling and inflammation reduction.

  • Flush accumulated waste/lactic acid from cells

How can compression boots help? 

  1. Gentle pressure application promotes blood flow/prevents blood pooling 

It has been illustrated in research that pneumatic compression can provide potential benefit in varicose vein applications (3). 

From symptom reduction (detailed below) to root assistance/benefits on a core level through the pressure mechanism - compression boots serve in multiple means to aid in varicose veins. 

  • Firstly: stimulation of blood flow is a primary factor in boot usage - both preventing pooling of blood and allowing proper flow to the veins, which may in turn reduce vein swelling and appearance. 

  • Inflammation reduction aids in preventing and treating varicose veins on a root level. 

  • Furthermore, they may prevent blood clots due to promotion of blood flow and reduced pooling. Blood clots are a primary causative factor of varicose vein development. Hence a more systemic treatment may occur with boot usage. 

  1. Symptom alleviation 

Compression boots may aid in symptom reduction as the boots gently optimise blood flow and increase circulation: in turn providing potential pain or discomfort alleviation, and other commonly arising symptoms of varicose veins like cramping/throbbing. 

Because they increase blood oxygen through the above mechanisms, lowered pain after standing or remaining seated is a further benefit you may notice. 

  1. Decreased vein swelling 

As mentioned above, the boots functions may assist in swelling reduction - aiding both root issues and appearance of bulging veins. 

The conforming nature of the boots also gently prevents expansion of the veins and will diminish swelling as a result. 

  1. User comfort and higher convenience, plus affordability. 

Other forms of compression or varicose vein treatments - for instance massage, may prove to be both less convenient and accessible in both a cost and practical setting than compression boots. 

As they can be purchased for ongoing home use and require no external travel nor repetitive cost, both affordability and practicality are increased. Furthermore, they are simple, straightforward and convenient for home use at any desired time with little degree of personal intervention required. 

How to use them: 

Compression boots are easy and convenient to use. The user will simply wear them on the legs, which can be done at home as desired - with boots typically riding up to about the knee. 


It is advised you consult your doctor before wearing compression boots to ensure you do not possess conditions that limit the stocking effects nor present adverse effects. 


Compression boots are a simple, yet innovative and highly accessible technology - permitting a convenient home treatment alternative with suggestive research backing, and may assist with varicose veins in numerous ways.