Compression Stockings on Steroids: Meet Compression Boots!

Compression stockings/socks are a well known and highly loved form of what is known as “compression therapy”.

With a wide variety of applications, compression therapy boasts a range of clinically proven benefits - and compression socks have long been recognised as one of the ways to achieve them! 

Everything from your lymphatic system; to circulation, post exercise pain relief and swelling reduction, today we dive into the updated and optimised version of compression stockings. 

A home based and innovative advancement: meet compression boots! 

What Are Compression Stockings? 

Compression stockings are a popular form of compression therapy - coming in the form of a stocking that typically covers part of your lower leg. 

The benefits of compression therapy have long been touted, with research showing improvements in: 

  • Improved circulation and optimised blood flow to the area - plus increased blood oxygenation. 

  • Swelling/edema reduction 

  • Symptom/discomfort reduction (due to various conditions or circumstances; example, standing up for a long time). 

  • Lactic acid reduction and post exercise recovery 

  • Overall lymphatic system support: which may clear toxicity and reduce inflammation. 

Why are Compression Boots the Better Version? 

So, what is the difference between compression boots and compression stockings? 

Well, let’s delve into both the short and long answer. 

Essentially: compression boots retain all the traditional benefits of compression stockings/socks, with many more. 

As a convenient, home based and high quality option - they allow you to reap the true results compression therapy can provide.

Higher Area Coverage 

Plus, boots hold an important addition: they ride higher up the leg, covering significantly more area than stockings (which normally only hit a portion of the leg). 

They can ride up to about knee area and just above - covering your legs thoroughly. 

This significantly helps to assist with swelling/symptom reduction and circulation improvement in a way that stockings cannot. 

Built in Pneumatic Air Compression Technology 

Compression boots are an updated, innovative and optimised version of compression technology - with built in additions/features that allow the user to achieve greater results than the usual stocking. 

For a moment: let’s discuss the difference between “compression” and “intermittent pneumatic compression”. 

Boots utilize the second method. 

Chambers within the boots will apply a gentle yet conforming pressure, repeatedly. 

Covering a large surface area, the primary characteristic of the boots is also the intermittent application. 

Stockings do not have this feature; and intermittent compression has been clinically proven to achieve impressive results. 

In simple terms: the boots inflate and deflate as opposed to simply squeezing. 

Think in terms of all the usual benefits: plus more: and faster. 

Greater symptom relief, improved circulation optimisation and larger surface area coverage are just a few to be noted. 

Almost like a massage! 

A more updated and improved formulation, boots add an extra layer to the therapy and technology - providing you with deeper results and high quality outcomes. 

The compression and power of the device is superior to the socks, bringing upon greater results. 

Added Benefits and Post Exercise Recovery: 

All the traditional benefits plus more, one can think of boots using the analogy of squeezing a toothpaste tube. 

Starting at the bottom then moving to the top allows you to successfully remove all the residual product. 

Compression boots are used by professional athletes and trainers, in order to facilitate faster healing and recovery. 

Boots will assist in many areas, including:

  • Swelling reduction, pain relief, lymphatic boosting, flushed waste and lactic acid from the cells, and most notably circulation/blood flow optimisation. 

Virtually the only downside? 

A higher price - but one that pays for itself in terms of results, improved quality of life and potentially significant treatment success. 

How to Use Compression Boots 

The great thing about boots is that even though they are such an effective technology, the usage is incredibly simple. 

Simply slip on your boots; taking care to ensure you use them post exercise or physical exertion if you want the best and fastest results. 

Besides that, sit back and let them do the work for you! 

Compression boots can be used at home with ease.

In conclusion: 

The benefits of compression boots over traditional stockings are lasting and numerous.

An advancement of the already favoured technology, they improve upon it in every way - bringing a faster and more effective compression product to the game.

Although they are a little extra in price, the benefits follow in turn - with an updated and innovative form of compression therapy being the forefront: “pneumatic intermittent compression”. 

Grabbing yourself a pair of these boots is an excellent way to tap into the clinically proven benefits of this updated version, and maximise your results greatly.