Recovery Programmes & Tips


You can use Endurance Recovery Boots

Right after training: After a strenuous workout, Recovery Boots help you break down lactic acid faster which is produced during hard training sessions and competitions.

To warm up: Recovery boots can also be used a light warm-up massage before you start exercising. This way the muscles can be loosened and prepared for the upcoming training session.

For relaxation: If you had a busy day, a gliding massage for your legs can help. No computer, no mobile phone - just relax.  9 TIPS FOR USING


1. Take care of your body

As a general rule, the massage from recovery boots should always feel good and never be painful or uncomfortable.

2. Consider the optimal duration of use

The duration should be between 30 and 50 minutes. The masssage may take longer, but it will bring only little additional benefit.

3. Select button to apply your individual pressure

Choosing a high pressure is not always the best choice. We recommend starting with a low pressure and increasing it gradually. The size of your legs will determine the right pressure. Users with thin legs should use Recovery Boots more often with a higher pressure. In addition, the feeling of pressure is very subjective. The same pressure can be felt very differently by different people.

4. If required, use the chambers that can be deactivated

You can use the deactivatable compression chambers if you want to exclude pain-sensitive areas from the massage. You can also turn off the top chamber if Recovery Boots are too big for you. 

5. Keep the legs horizontal

While using Recovery Boots, keep your legs as horizontally as possible. Leave the boots working with gravity, not against it.

6. Pay attention to the placement of the air hoses

Make sure that the hoses for the air supply are not pinched e.g. while you are sitting on them or they are bent over.

7. Choose the appropriate Endurance Recovery Boots size

Choose the right size (M, L or XL) based on the inside length of your leg.

8. Use cooling regeneration measures only after application

If you wish to use cooling regeneration measures, use them for 10 minutes after the recovery massage is finished. Note: Never use them before, as the cold temperature will contract the vessels. 

9. Use Recovery Boots soon after training

It is recommended to use Recovery Boots within an hour of finishing training and take a protein shake, electrolytes and salts before use. It is also important to drink plenty of water both before and after use.