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 Rob Whittaker

Australia's first middleweight UFC World champion Mixed martial artist Rob Whittaker knows all about what it takes to be a World Champion and that means making recovery from hard workouts a High Priority. Rob used Endurance Recovery Boots to help him stay at the top of his brutal sport.

"Good day everybody here's a couple things I do every day that help me do what I do.

First thing in the morning wake up joints are sore feel like an old man bang some of your summer joints fill a million bucks.

Secondly endurance recovery boots slap these on. Read a book forget about them recovery is taken care of.

Before I sleep to help me sleep so I get my eight hours every night eight hours very important.

CBD trends sending organics night time serum it is amazing and uh I make sure I have a muscle recovery after every session make sure I'm hitting my protein goals."

 Kayla Morrison

Melbourne Victory star Kayla Morrison has been crowned the Westfield W-League Victory Medallist after an impressive 2021 season. Morrison enjoyed a stellar maiden campaign in the Westfield W-League, helping Victory clinch its second Championship. The 24-year-old was also crowned the club's Players' Player of the Year. “My first season has been absolutely unreal,” said Morrison, after receiving her first award of the night.

"Hi my name is Kayla Morrison, I'm a coach at elite ff and I'm a player at Melbourne Victory.

I invested in these boots because it gave me an a lot of time period to sit down recover while still being able to multitask whether that was session planning, eating, watching games back.

It was a really easy tool to be able to quickly recover, something that I really like about the endurance recovery boots is that you can charge them up and they become portable, I can take them to the field I can do it on the couch and I'd be sitting next to a wall plug which is amazing.

These boots are great because you know they promote a good blood flow to the muscles and it does feel like an at-home massage I would highly recommend that all athletes get their hands on a pair of these purchase them because they really have helped me in my season and yeah I'm really looking forward to continue to use them."

Daniel Smith

"I'm Daniel, I'm an amateur undefeated, MMA fighter and personal trainer. I've got the Endurance boots here. My main invitation before buying the Endurance boots was they wouldn't be up to scratch with the other more expensive brands. They definitely surprised me with their quality and how much pressure they put around the legs. I wanted the Endurance boots to help with my leg recovery and I get shin splints, so to help keep the calves loose as well, which they definitely have done, I would recommend the boots to all my clients. I use them about three to four times a week, so big thanks to the Endurance team."


 Kennedy Cherrington - NRL Parramatta Eels

"I use Endurance Recovery Boots every day as the benefits for me are outstanding. Playing NRL football means recovery needs to be fast and effective so the boots really help me recover a lot faster from the muscle soreness after each game"

 Lyndsay Buchanan

"Hi. My name is Lindsay. I'm the head coach here at LB Fitness, based in Melbourne. I'm also the stress and conditioning coach for the Melbourne Mustangs ice hockey team and the Victoria State women's team. I've been looking at recovery boots for quite some time. For the boys, I was also I was very hesitant in the first place purely because of the cost factor, because I was put in the bill for the boots, because I wanted to give the boys that extra little bit of recovery as we do double headers at weekends, etc. So I wanted to just go that little bit step further as a coach to help them out. So I've done my research, came across endurance and had a few questions to ask, reached out. Service has been absolutely outstanding. Communication still going strong to this day. As I say, my first and initial hesitation was the cost, but I've got to say, it's a strong, durable material. These boots have split the test of time with both a male and female ice hockey team. I also love the fact that the boots are compatible. They come in a great little carry case, and they can go on tour with the boys. As of the 2023 season, we are investing in another four pairs, so we can have five players in them at a time. They're great. Within ten minutes. The boys have got fresh legs to hit that ice the next day. So if you are hesitating, I'm hoping this review will helps sway you and just bite the bullet jump into them. They are well worth the money. It's and I got the Recovery 4.0 and I am nothing but a satisfied customer. And as I say, service ten out of ten. Thanks."


Erchana Murray-Bartlett

Record-setting Aussie woman Erchana Murray-Bartlett on cusp of completing 150th marathon in 150 days

The record-setting woman started her charity run days before viral sensation Nedd Brockmann. But she’s still going - three months and 6300km later.

Erchana Murray-Bartlett’s pilgrimage down the entire east coast of Australia, from Cape York to Melbourne, is almost over.

In a car it’s just a 44-hour trip, but the 32-year-old nutritionist has been on foot, running 42.2km a day for 150 days - that’s 150 marathons, or 6330km.

It’s a journey she’s called Tip to Toe, and while shattering personal boundaries Murray-Bartlett is more importantly edging towards $80,000 raised for the Wilderness Society to help end animal extinction in Australia.

The runner has documented her path on social media and a dedicated website that revealed what led her to such an incredible human feat.

Read full story here.

 Jesse Coleman

"Hey I'm Jesse Coleman I'm an elite swimmer, currently training a high performance squad on the Gold Coast. Here I'm using the Endurance Pro recovery boots they have eight chambers. I bought these with the aim of trying to get better recovery after intense sessions. Quality was a big factor in deciding which brand to purchase and I'm extremely happy with how the Endurance boots have performed and helped me with my recovery breathing. I highly recommend them the quality is great, they do freshen up the legs and they're really easy and good to travel with during competition."


Stephen Reville

"Hey guys just quick review. My name is Stephen Reville and I have a construction business and a fitness business and my review is on the active model of endurance recovery boots. So before I purchased my biggest hesitation was how they wew worth it. And yeah 100% they are. I can tell you now, try different brands. These are definitely the best by far and 100% worth of money. And one thing I really love about them is let's say I do a hard training session. And I want to back it up again tomorrow. I can get into the boots tonight, spend about half an hour, maybe an hour while watching TV and just flush out the legs there and feel fresh and ready to rock for tomorrow's hard training session again. Yeah I can't tell you how good they are enough. They're absolutely, yes the best. I've used, anyway. So very happy with mine."


 Txai Anglin - 400 metre Australian Champion Athlete

"Hi. My name is Txai. I'm a track athlete and my specialty event is the 400 meters. My endurance recovery boots are an essential part of my recovery regime. I use them up to four to six times a weekend I hope they help refresh and rejuvenate my legs. Although I was hesitant about the apparent complex setup, endurance recovery boots are easy and simple to set up and use. I love my endurance recovery boots and I think there are great features for any athlete who is looking to optimize their recovery."


 Prosper Nwoko - Elite 100m Sprinter

"Hey guys. I'm Prosper and I'm a Sprinter. I specialize in 100 and 200 meters. Over a year ago I was recovering from a brokenback and as a result constantly told my hamstrings I came across Endurance and I purchased the Endurance per moderate compression boots and hoped it would aid my recovery. The main thing that threw me offthem was how expensive they are. However, they were definitely worth the money. I can't go on training without them. I love how portable they are. I can take them with me wherevergo to compete and it's just amazing. I recommend it."


 Harry Summers

Harry Summers is one Of Australia's best ever distance Runners. He has represented Australia In Commonwealth Games and won a record Three City To Surf Runs - Australia's Biggest Fun Run He has also represnted Australia in World Cross Country events and Oceania Championships. Harry Is using the Endurance Recovery Boots to help him recover from long runs and his new event the Marathon which is 42km where he is looking to break more records.

"Hey, guys. My name is Harry Summers. I've represented Australia numerous times. I represented Australia in cross country, world cross country games, world champs and also Oceania games. Got the meat record there. I just got back from a run and I'm wearing the endurance boots and they really help with your recovery. I recommend getting a pair. So, yeah, when I start doing my marathon sessions, these are going to come in really handy because it's all about recovering after these big sessions. So thanks to endurance boots and thank you to Dean Piazza. Cheers, mate."

  Remy Siemsen

Sydney FC Football Player Remy Siemsen is a striker who plays for Sydney FC in the W-League As a winner of Prestigious Golden Boot award in 2020 Remy uses Endurance Recovery Boots Daily to manage her recovery and help her stay at the top of her game. Remy has represented Australia on the U/20 national team and is on mission to be selected for the Matildas.

 Chloe Scheer

Chloe Scheer is anAustralian rules footballer playing for the Adelaide Football Club in the AFL Women's (AFLW). After suffering 2 serious knee injuries during her career Chloe is not taking any shortcuts and using The Endurance Recovery Boots to Help her recovery from games and training.

Warren Williams

Head Coach Warren is a qualified Level 3 Middle and Long Distance Coach, and Level 2 Advanced Recreational Running Coach with Athletics Australia with more than three decades of experience. He is also an accredited Foundation Level Coach with Triathlon Australia.

In May of 2019 he was awarded the inaugural award for "NSW RECREATIONAL RUNNING COACH OF THE YEAR" by the Board Members of Athletics NSW.

He has been involved in the sport of running for more than 40 years and is an experienced coach of Juniors and adults at all levels.A former competitive triathlete, Warren focused on running and became one of NSW top Masters athletes.

He has multiple Age Group wins and podium finishes throughout Australia and in the USA.

 Dean Cane

Dean Cane is a professional triathlete from Brisbane and has a huge future in the sport He is the 2020 Australian Cross Triathon Champion and 2020 Oceania Triathlon winner. At only 21 years of age he is one athlete to watch.

"Hey, guys. My name is Dean Cane. Professional Off-road Triathlete. I've been supported by endurance recovery boots for quite some time now. I've been using them quite a lot at the moment and quite a big training block getting ready for the Townsville Triathlon festival in about four weeks. And I've been using these to backup some pretty big sessions getting ready. And, yeah, just find them super easy to use. Use them anywhere around the house, whether I'm watching TV or sitting in bed. Use the ABC and D functions to choose what kind of compression I want, and I can also choose which compartments that I want to specifically compresses well, which is super handy, super awesome carry bag that allow me to travel with it up to Townsville, keep it with me wherever I go. Not hard to lug around, even if I can take it to a couple training sessions here and there and helps out heaps. But, yeah, I look forward to seeing you guys in Townsville."

 Tierney Dunne

Tierney is aiming to become Australia's next Sprint Queen Tierney specialises in the 100m and 200m sprint events and has won many Australian junior and NSW state title sprint titles.

"Hi, my name is Tierney Dunne and I am an Australian sprinter at the 2021 Australian Track and Field Championships. I came second in the 200 meters, third in the 100 meters and first in the four X100 meters relay at the Australian Uni Nationals. I came first in the 200 meters and second in the 100 meters. This saw me selected for the Australian Under 20team for the World Athletics Under 20 Championships. I chose endurance recovery boots because I needed to make sure that I gave my body full recovery after all training sessions and competitions to ensure that I can have injury free seasons and continue to reach my goals. I love endurance recovery boots because I can choose different intensity levels on the compression. They are wireless and compact so I can take them anywhere, ensuring that I am prepared for all training sessions and competition. Most importantly, they give me full recovery so I feel strong and confident every time I hit the track so that I can perform to the best of my ability."

 Marnie Ponton

Marnie Ponton is one of Australia's most exciting up and coming distance runners Having represented Australia in World cross country titles she has now switched her focus to the marathon so watch out for her performances in the future Having represented Australia in World cross country titles she has now switched her focus to the marathon so watch out for her performances in the future

"I trained in the Elite Marathon as well as work in the busy emergency department. And these boots have been amazing in helping me stay injury free and really recover so I can hit my sessions."

Troy Jones

Troy is a personal trainer @ Transform40 gym and an Endurance Freak He is currently running from Perth to Sydney running 60km a day to raise money for mental health and suicide prevention You can read all about his journey below.

 Hannah Sculley

Hannah Sculley - Iron woman
Hannah is a professional Iron woman competing In Kelloggs Nutri Grain surf series. Hannah has been involved in Surf lifesaving for over 10 years and is looking to chase her Iron Woman dreams.

Elite Female Football

Elite Female Football is committed to developing women’s football game by providing a platform to enhance and challenge young players in order to reach their football potential. The philosophy at Elite Female Football is to encourage and demand players to work hard, have fun and dream big.

 Bonnie Toogood - AFLW Player

Bonnie Toogood is an Australian rules footballer playing for the Western Bulldogs in the AFL Women's. Toogood was drafted by the Western Bulldogs with their second selection and eleventh overall in the  AFL Women's rookie draft.

 Harriet Cordner AFLW Player

Harriet Cordner is an Australian rules footballer with the Richmond Football Club in the AFL Women's competition. She was recently selected in 2021 All Australian womens team as one of Australia's best AFL players

Matt Felton

My name is Matt Felton, T46 Para Marathon runner and Paralympic 2021 hopeful. Career best 3rd in the Para Marathon World Cup in 2018 and representing Australia in the 2019 Para World Championships finishing 6th. In late 2019 Matt achieved his Pb in the Frankfurt Marathon and hit the Australian Paralympic qualification AA-b standard, selection for non automatic qualifiers will be announced later in the year.

 Steven Mckenna - Professional IronMan Champion Triathlete

Endurance Recovery Boots are the real deal, I have used multiple brands and these have impressed me the most so far. I am saving money by not paying for massage every week but I am also feeling much better as I can use the boots after every hard training session and for as long as I need for the blood to flush out all the rubbish! This is not another 1% to add to your training, these boots are much more, easy to assemble and use - worth the small investment! You'll get much out of these boots than you think. Consistency is everything and this is your ticket to injurt free consistent training.

"Hi. My name is Steven McKenna. Professional triathlete. I've been using endurance boots for the whole of 2021, and it's been a bit of a gamechanger for me with a new little one, and there's a fur baby over there as well. I've needed to save time, and I can't really get to massage twice a week, so these have been flushing my legs all year, and it's working just as well as a massage would. And I'm probably saving thousands of dollars. So it's not just that the settings can be manipulated a lot. There's four different types of pumping actions, and there's also six different sections in the boots that you can work at different times. It's easy to use. It probably took me about 1 minute to get into these after training today, and I've sat here for the last 45 minutes doing some coaching and drinking some water, staring at the baby, and it's just easy. I've tried all the different brands and these are the best."

 Keeley Davis - NRL St George Dragons

Keeley Davis is a rising NRL star and plays as a hooker for the St George Illawarra Dragons in the NRL Women's Premiership and has played for NSW In State Of Origin as well as being selected for Australian Jillaroos Rugby League team.

 Tallis Duncan - NRL South Sydney Rabbitohs

After making the move from the Sydney Roosters junior reps system to the South Sydney Rabittohs in 2021, the hard hitting and ball playing lock has gone on to see him gain selection in the Black Rabbits Elite Player Development squad. He is signed to South Sydney till the end of 2025 season.

 Tori Tumeth - A League Melbourne City

Tori Tumeth plays as a professional football player for Melbourne City in the A League has represented both the Junior Matildas and the Young Matildas.

 Jacob Malkoun - MMA

Jacob Malkoun is a professional mixed martial artist fighting out of Sydney. He competes in the middleweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

  • ADCC 2019 Asia trial winner
  • 2019 Pan Pacific Gold Medalist
  • Undefeated Professional boxer
  • Undefeated Professional MMA fighter

 AJ Ogilvy - NBL Illawarra Hawks

AJ Ogilvy is the captain of the Illawarra Hawks in the NBL and in 2021 the 33-year-old was duly rewarded with the club's Player's Player award. Ogilvy averaged 5.2ppg, 5rpg, 1spg and 1.1bpg across 18 minutes per contest and was recognised by Coach Brian Goorjian as the 'heart and soul' of the Illawarra Hawks line-up.

"Hey, it's AJ Ogilvy here, captain of the Ilawarra Hawks. Recovery is an important part of what we do as professional athletes. One of my favorite ways to do that is with the leg pumps. Endurance Recovery Boots is one of the best brands I've ever tried. They have all different settings you can use and find which one suits you best. I can't recommend them enough. Give them a try. Thank you."

 Montana Mckinnon

A standout junior ruck prospect and Adelaide’s first pick at the 2019 AFLW draft, McKinnon was a two-time All Australian at under-18 18 level, captained the Central Allies at the 2019 AFLW Under 18 Championships and was named MVP. Montana currently plays for Adelaide Crows in AFLW and also works as a personal trainer and Pilates Instructor

 Alex Prates

Is a 3rd degree Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt, Former Mixed Martial Arts and Jiu Jitsu competitor. He is now one of the most successful BJJ and MMA coaches in Australia. Alex’s attention to technique and details as well as a passion to coach is undeniable. His top priority is always to help improve our student’s game. Alex is the current Penrith Panthers NRL wrestling coach and former tackling coach for 2014 NRL premiers South Sydney Rabbitohs.

Claire Ashworth

"Hi, my name is Claire and I'm 36 years old from Canberra, Australia. I've been running for about 20 years now, and some of my favorite running memories include winning the Worlds toughest half Marathon, and the Sydney Morning Herald half marathon. I've certainly found as I've gotten older, the need for recovery is all that much more important. A few months ago, I did click to see him in endurance compression recoveryboots, and I found them absolutely fantastic. I certainly find getting a bit older, the second run of the day can be a bit hard. I often do get stiff and sore from the morning runs, and having my legs in the compression boots certainly make the second run of the day easier."



"And then during the event, it's just gonna come natural. I invested and my girlfriend as well, over Christmas to get some compression boots. Now, I've seen a lot of athletes using compression boots, and now I've just got this is my first week using them. They seem to be working quite well. I'm going to throw these on. This is now a new toy to the recovery routine. And then try and use this during the week as well, just to sort of sit on the sofa, chill with some compression boots on, and getting that lactose acid out of my system. I'm not 100% sure on the science behind this, but for me, I feel like it when it's tightening and compressing my legs, it's removing all the lactic acids from my legs. So this is only my second time using it. I 've been wanting to have a pair of these for years from my weightlifting days, running days. But now, with an event like this, it's time for the time to, like, double down on any type of recovery tools that I can use. I'm going to be using them, and I'm going to be using them when I'm on the road in August as well. It's going to be quite cool to have these. You can start to feel your heart being through your legs. I have no idea. They're quite funny. And then now slip lit in the air out, releasing the pressure. It gets to a point where I feel like my legs are going to pop, and it just seems to just stop the pressure. It's quite funny. One of the huge parts of recovery for me is food. This is why it is."


 Des Gooda

"Been in the market for some recovery boots after using some over the last couple of years, but certainly didn't have a $2000 plus budget for the top of the line boots. What I thought was the top of the line boots. So did some research, some look hunting around and come across these guys, endurance recovery boots. Great people to talk to. Ring me up a number of times asking, you know, asking if I had any more questions. They had the product in stock. There are four chamber boot, lots of different settings, good pressure settings, and probably the quietest pump I've used. Out of the boots I've used, definitely the most quiet pump. So if you're in the market for some, give endurance recovery boots a call or look them up and I'm sure you'll be happy."


Josh Shanahan

"Right now I'm using the Endurance recovery boots, the eight chamber ones. I use them after every running session and every night to help my legs feel fresh for the next day. What I like about these is they've got so many different modes here, and you can adjust the pressure and the amount of time you want to use them for. So it's really easy to navigate these. I like to use a little bit more pressure. It hurts a little bit, but gets my legs fresh for the next day and helps me recover faster."


 Emily Petricola

  • World Record WC4 Individual Pursuit 2020 Paralympic Games
  • 2020 Paralympic Games Champion WC4 Individual Pursuit
  • 2020 Paralympic Games WC4 Silver medallist Road Time Trial
  • 5x World Champion (Individual Pursuit, Scratch Race, Omnium, Time Trial) 2019/2020

Paralympic Champion and World Record Holder, Emily Petricola may be new to the sport but is certainly no stranger to the podium. Amongst her Paralympic gold and silver medals, Emily has won five World Championship titles across both road and track disciplines and a further three silver and bronze medals. Emily is a qualified rowing coach, an English and Humanities teacher and has spent more than 9 years working in senior management roles in both the UAE and Australia. Whilst learning, navigating and thriving with Multiple Sclerosis, the Victorian is training for the 2022 Track World Championships and 2024 Paralympic Games where she will look to defend her title in the Individual Pursuit (and perhaps go one better in the Time Trial ;) )

"Recovery boots are definitely my favorite recovery tool. As a cyclist, my legs are always under pressure and under load. So the fact that they help reduce muscle soreness and improve overall recovery means I'm able to backup sessions day in, day out, all year round. What's even better is that I can do it at the end of the day while reading a book or watching TV. And it helps me wind down and switch off for the day. So perfect."


 Tahlia Hallett

"Hello. I am Talia and I play for tango netball here in Adelaide. I bought these boots for my recovery, but I use them before, after my training session. My trains three days a week, play on Saturdays, so four nights a week in netball. These have been the best, best thing for my recovery, just to speed up, to get me ready for my next training. So it's got different modes. It's got the relaxing mode, so the really intense mode. I used something between the halfway mark because I normally want to get a regular massage, but this is just so much better than that I can control. So I want it to be nice in some areas, more intense than others. And you can turn off certain sections of the boots. It's really convenient in that respect. Also great. After a long day at work, you're on your feet all day like I am. I work at a farm, so come straight home, make my coffee, check my boots on, check the television on, or listen to a podcast. Come. I go wrong. Really very convenient. Yeah. Highly recommended. They are life saving. Yeah. All the best. Good luck."


 Shaun Creighton


"Hi. This is Shaun Creighton. I've just finished the mainly 80 kilometer ultra, and now getting some good recovery with my Endurance Recovery boots. The 80K was the longest I've ever run and it was pretty tough day out of the office. But the recovery boots were a terrific training aid. In the lead up to this race, I did plenty of 40, 45 and 50K training runs. And every Sunday afternoon, after doing the long training run, I sit on the couch with my endurance recovery boots and then I'll be back ready to train again the next day. So thanks to Endurance recovery boots for helping me get through the training to be able to finish the day. That one got a manly altar."


 Jayme Fressard


"Hi, it's Jamie Fressard here from the Sydney Roosters NRLW team. I'm lucky enough to play professional football for the Sydney Roosters, but I'm also lucky enough to have myself a pair of the Endurance pro recovery boots. So, for me, I do a lot of training. I train four to seven times a week, including gym sessions, field sessions, speed sessions, and these boots I probably use anywhere from three to five times a week myself. So they've definitely helped with my recovery. I love using them after training. And for me, recently as well, I've been using them before games and I've definitely noticed the difference in that. The one thing that I probably love most about the boots is how accessible and how easy they are touse and how easy they are to travel with. So I take them with me to all my away games on the plane, in my suitcase, and I've never once had an issue with it. So, for me, that's a game changer and it's made such a difference in my recovery. So, yeah, I absolutely love them."


 Dejan ''DJ'' Vasiljevic


Chloe Wildfire Grech


 Shamera Sterling


 Brooke Lochland


Issac 'Headsplitter' Hardman


 Jack Hale


 John Quinn


 Callum Gannon - Elite Swimmer

"Hey guys. My name is Callum and I'm a swimmer trying tomake an Australian team and I'm 21 years old.
I train ten to twelve times a week doing swimming sessions, gym sessions and bike sessions, roughly averaging around 65 km in the pool.
I first got the boots and arms to try and help improve my recovery around training and get the extra edge on my competition just to help me perform better.
I was hesitant about spending the money though, just because they are pretty expensive, but I was more worried about not getting something that was suitable for me. However, it was well worth it. And the quality and the product and the service that I received from Endurance Recovery was like next level. It's pretty unmatchable.
I just love how I can train in the morning for 3 to 4 hours, sometimes five when you do swim and gym and come home feeling knackered. But as soon as I get stuck in my recovery feeling fresh for the afternoon, like a brand new set of legs and arms get on and yeah, just pushing myself to the limits in the afternoon and the next session.
Just always trying to be better. So yeah."


Sports Physio David Hogan