Endurance 3 Chamber Recovery Compression Boots
Endurance 3 Chamber Recovery Compression Boots
Endurance 3 Chamber Recovery Compression Boots

Endurance 3 Chamber Recovery Compression Boots

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The Endurance three chamber boots are great value and have alot of the same features of the more expensive boots but at a more affordable entry level price.

Programme A: (MASSAGE) exerts pressure from the foot towards the heart, alternating chambers

Programme B: (LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE) stimulates flow through pressure from the foot towards the heart, retains pressure until the entire leg chamber has been inflated.

Programme C: (DOUBLE MASSAGE) exers pressure from the foot towards the heart, two chambers at a time.


Individual adjustment of the device’s 3 chambers, electronic countdown display, 

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Display: LED indicator
Size: 300*237*126 mm
Input voltage: 220 V/50 Hz
Power consumption: 65 W
Treatment time: 1~30 minutes
Pressure range: 30 ~200 mmHg (tolerance ±20 mmHg)

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Matt Lewis
Great product

The recovery boots are amazing! Couldn’t be happier with the product and the service provided when purchasing.
Already noticing the difference in recovery between training sessions since receiving the boots.

Worth the money

Training during lockdown left my kids without their usual recovery massage and physio appointments. Buying these boots saved us both time and money. They use these boots everyday after training and we have seen an increase in their performances in training. Worth the money spent.

Karen Hart
Excellent all Round

These boots are the best therapeutic aid you could purchase for yourself or loved one . I purchased these boots for lymphatic drainage and they have made a huge difference . The package was delivered promptly and the service was very professional. This product is worthy of an excellent review and I am so happy I have purchased them

Ryan Campbell
OMG These Boots are Amazing

These are a must if you are trying to get in multiple hard sessions a week. They really speed up recovery!
The adjustments are great and they make a huge difference to how your legs feel the following day

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Endurance Boots are my secret weapon as I aim towards the 2021 Tokyo Olympics Marathon. They really help me reduce any stiffness or soreness after my 2 hour + long runs each Sunday .

Harry Summers 3 x Time City To Surf Winner

I love My Endurance compression boots so much i use them up to Three times a day.

Remy Siemsen - Sydney FC Striker

The Intensity level is so much better than other boots I have used and the pressure is amazing

Hannah Scully Nutri-Grain Ironwoman