Endurance Sport Recovery Boots
Endurance Sport Recovery Boots
Endurance Sport Recovery Boots
Endurance Sport Recovery Boots
Endurance Sport Recovery Boots
Endurance Sport Recovery Boots
Endurance Sport Recovery Boots

Endurance Sport Recovery Boots

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These Boots are full length boots from the foot to the top of your thighs.

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Endurance quality boots come with full length zippers and Individual chambers that can be turned on or off!

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  • INCREASE BLOOD FLOW: Endurance Sport Boots for recovery use dynamic compression technology to accelerate the body's natural recovery process by enhancing circulation of blood, oxygen and nutrients to your muscles.
  • REDUCE RECOVERY TIME: Use the Endurance Sport Boots after your workout or game to help speed up cellular repair and protein synthesis, boost lymphatic drainage to reduce inflammation and relieve swelling, and flush toxins such as lactic acid out of your system
  • ERGONOMICALLY DESIGNED: Our Endurance Tube Technology is ergonomically designed to give you the maximum recovery range and comfort while using. 
    It's a simple plug and play design. 
  • COMPRESSION UP TO 300 mmHg: The Endurance Compression Boots allows you to adjust the zone settings and intensity levels, with a range of 20-300 mmHg of compression which is a very high pressure and the highest pressure in the market.
  • Injury Assist Technology - allows you to turn off chambers and isolate muscle
    groups if required.
  • 4 AIR CHAMBERS: Choose any or all of the 4 separate sections to target your recovery session (quads, hamstrings, calves, feet) eg If you have a sore foot you can turn off the foot chamber.
  • Optional Extras Available: Shorts for hips and thighs

Size Guide : < 180cm height = Medium Size Boots
                     > 180cm height = Large Size Boots
Multiple users  = Large size ( as you can turn off chambers for shorter users)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 77 reviews
mick (Melbourne, AU)
very happy

very happy, recommend highly!!

Simon Madgwick (Sydney, AU)
Where have these been all my life.

I used these at a National Sports competition for the first time about a year ago when our physio turned up with them. I thought it was gimmick, as if these will make me feel better the next day. But OH MY GOSH, you wake up the next day after hours of physically intensive sport and you’re like.. ok.. I feel amazing. Why don’t my legs feel like Jelly? As soon as I got home I bought these straight away!! Best purchase ever. 100%.

Anonymous (Adelaide, AU)
perfect for anyone to recover as the best do

the endurance boots have been perfect for post workout recovery, reducing soreness and DOMS, and have aided in improving flexibility.

Kim Alcorn (Brisbane, AU)
Best investment

Stoked with our recovery boots; we use it on the highest possible pressure and it's spot on for both hubby and myself. Used after long training days and have noticed a massive difference in the overall recovery of my legs. Highly recommend.

Gabrielle Paynter (Melbourne, AU)
Love my boots!!

As a netballer and runner, having these amazing boots at my age has been a fantastic addition to my recovery. Very happy with them!!

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Endurance Boots are my secret weapon as I aim towards the 2021 Tokyo Olympics Marathon. They really help me reduce any stiffness or soreness after my 2 hour + long runs each Sunday .

Harry Summers 3 x Time City To Surf Winner

I love My Endurance compression boots so much i use them up to Three times a day.

Remy Siemsen - Sydney FC Striker

The Intensity level is so much better than other boots I have used and the pressure is amazing

Hannah Scully Nutri-Grain Ironwoman