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Voted Best Value Compression Boots

''The Endurance Relax Recovery Compression boots are the best value compression boots on the market in 2022. Endurance Relax boots have a lot of the same features as some of the recovery boots that are worth double the price. The Endurance Recovery Boots brand is born in Australia and offer a number of options for pneumatic compression for recovery, with a set of compression boots for all budgets.

After testing these Endurance Relax boots out recently following preparation for a marathon, I found them to be quite basic to setup, with a slightly budget feel but plenty of options for massage settings and a great pressure range. At the highest pressure range of 250mmHG, these boots are almost too strong and provide a lot of compression for those who want it. For tender, sore muscles after a big run or solid training session, the lower settings work well and our favourite setting is the Massage setting on the 3rd highest pressure level for a 30 minute session length.

The Endurance Relax boots offer 3 different programs which deliver a different flow of air. Programme A which is the ‘Massage’ setting, exerts pressure from the foot towards the heart, alternating chambers. Programme B, the ‘Lymphatic Drainage’ setting, stimulates flow through pressure from the foot towards the heart, retains pressure until the entire leg chamber has been inflated. Lastly, Programme C, the ‘Double Massage’ setting, exerts pressure from the foot towards the heart, two chambers at a time. The great thing about the Endurance Relax console is that you can isolate one or more of the chambers to not inflate which is useful if you do not want the chamber to inflate around an injured part of the leg.''


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