Endurance Lymphatic Drainage Massage Boots
Endurance Lymphatic Drainage Massage Boots product
A man is wearing ENDURANCE Lymphatic Drainage Massage Boots while sitting on a massage chair.
Endurance Lymphatic Drainage Massage Boots Inflating Airbags
Endurance Lymphatic Drainage Massage Boots 360 All round professional massage
A woman is wearing Endurance Lymphatic Drainage Massage Boots while sitting on a couch.
Endurance Lymphatic Drainage Massage Boots 3 massage modes

Endurance Lymphatic Drainage Massage Boots

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 A woman is wearing ENDURANCE Lymphatic Drainage Massage Boots while sitting on a couch.Compression therapy is a medical treatment that applies controlled pressure to the legs, effectively boosting blood flow and reducing swelling of legs. By enhancing blood circulation to the heart, this therapy can help prevent venous insufficiency, a condition where veins struggle to pump blood back to the heart. Venous insufficiency often results in leg swelling and discomfort due to fluid build-up.

Compression therapy effectively alleviates these symptoms, improving the overall quality of life for individuals suffering from venous insufficiency. Overall, compression therapy is a beneficial treatment option to enhance blood flow and reduce the effects of venous insufficiency. This treatment can greatly improve your leg health and overall well-being. So, consider discussing this option with your healthcare provider. They can help determine if compression therapy is right for you. Don't let venous insufficiency hold you back - take action to improve your leg health today! Your heart will thank you.


Air Compression Treatment for Complete Coverage: Leg compression technology helps with post-workout recovery by targeting tight muscles, breaking up knots, and loosening them up for better recovery. Safe to use for up to 1 hour per day, this device also helps drain excess lactic acid from previous workouts, making it suitable for individuals of heights ranging from 5'1" to 6'2". Perfect for intense workouts, it aids in reaching peak performance levels with reduced risk of injury. Overall, it offers effective muscle relief and recovery for athletes of various heights."

3 Modes and 3 Intensity Levels for Personalised Relief: The leg air circulation machine is designed to relieve tight muscle tension in the feet and calves. With three intensity settings, it offers a targeted massage that is suitable for any day, making it beneficial for busy moms, individuals who stand all day, and anyone looking to improve performance or speed up recovery. Our compression system is the ideal solution for enhancing performance or promoting recovery.

Enhanced Circulation, Reduced Injuries: The device applies the optimal amount of pressure for desired results, avoiding both excessive and insufficient pressure. This helps improve circulation, flexibility, and range of motion, preventing discomfort from too much pressure and ensuring effective outcomes.

Effortless Maintenance: The key to finding the ideal air massage devices lies in the details, and these boots have an internal chamber design that offers a seamless and easy-to-clean interior. This design also ensures a comfortable fit with no pressure points or areas that may cause discomfort or rubbing against the feet.

Conveniently Portable: The lightweight and portable velcro boots are easy to wear and travel with, as they come with their own small sports bag and weigh less than 2kg in total. The leg massager has a 20-minute operation time, after which it automatically stops. This feature is especially helpful for the elderly and those prone to falling asleep during a massage, as it allows them to easily restart the massager if desired.

Endurance Lymphatic Drainage Massage Boots step on how to use.
Endurance Lymphatic Drainage Massage Boots key features

The Advantages of Air Compression Massager

✓ Improved sports performance, injury prevention, and recovery
✓ Advanced vibrational healing and effective pain relief
✓ Lactic acid release and scar tissue breakdown
✓ Increased blood and lymphatic flow
✓ Improved range of movement and flexibility
✓ Increased flexibility and joint range of motion
✓ And quick enhancement of range of motion

Endurance Lymphatic Drainage Massage Boots 360 Professional Massage

Understanding How Air Compression Massager Works

Air Compression Massagers, similar to pneumatic compression devices, are utilized to alleviate pain and reduce swelling in various body parts. The device operates by employing an air pump to inflate a garment, typically worn around the targeted area.

Endurance Lymphatic Drainage Massage Boots Inflating Airbags

The pump applies pressure to the targeted area, aiding in the reduction of inflammation and enhancement of circulation. These devices are often adjustable, allowing for customization of pressure levels. Some devices also come with additional features such as heating or massage capabilities, which can further alleviate pain and promote healing. Whether you are experiencing chronic discomfort or occasional swelling, a pneumatic compression device may offer potential benefits.

Endurance Lymphatic Drainage Massage Boots Target user

What's in the box?

Endurance Lymphatic Drainage Massage Boots product

✓ 1 Pair of Leg Air Massagers
✓ 1 Handheld Controller
✓ 1 Carry Case
✓ 1 Air Hose
✓ 1 User Guide in English


✓ Material: Composite Material
✓ Product Power: 10W
✓ Automatic Shutdown Time: 20min
✓ Super Light + Portable under 2kg
✓ 3 Intensity levels: Low - Medium - High
✓ Kneading Massage
✓ Shiatsu Massage
✓ Relax Massage
✓ Heating 

Safety Tips

✓ It is recommended to use each mode for 10 minutes, once a day
✓ Avoid soaking the device in water as it may cause damage due to electronic circuits. Instead, wipe it with clean water, let it dry naturally, and avoid exposure to sunlight as UV rays can change the fabric color.
✓ The letters "R" and "L" on the device correspond to the outside, indicating the correct direction for inflation. Improper inflation may result in no air output.
✓ Do not wrap the device too tightly, it is recommended to leave a gap that can fit 4 fingers comfortably.
✓ If you are pregnant, have skin infections, high blood pressure, use a pacemaker, or have any other serious medical condition, please consult a doctor before using the device.

Endurance Lymphatic Drainage Massage Boots parts

Do you suffer from Swollen Legs? Lymphedema?  Arthritis?

Endurance leg massager and circulation booster for pain relief is designed to cover your full leg, foot, calf, thigh, knee, feet with an easy-to-wear velcro fit helping
Relieve pain, aches, fatigue, cramps, .The leg massager combines compression, and vibration with heat to provide soothing therapy to also alleviate knee stiffness and soreness.

1. Three Intensity & Three Heating Levels

Endurance leg compression machine comes with 3 intensities and 3 heating levels (low-middle- high) to improve circulation by intermittently squeezing the leg veins, then releasing the pressure, loosening up tight muscles, breaking up stubborn knots, and relieving symptoms of arthritis.

2. Adjustable Strap & Durable

Endurance massager for legs with adjustable velcro strap can fit all different shapes and sizes. Endurance compression leg wraps are made of high-quality breathable fabric and is durable for long-term use.

3. 20 Minutes Timing & Easy Control

Endurance leg massager for circulation provides a 20-minute timer auto shut-off function to ensure safe use. It is easily operated with an LCD remote controller, which suits your best needs. It’s recommended to use the leg and calf compression massager twice a day.

4. Light Weight and portable

The velcro boots are easy to wear and easy to travel with as they are light weight and come in their own small sports bag weighing less than 2kg in total

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Karen Meakins (Perth, AU)

Haven't used yet as husband has blood clots in his legs and they are so swollen they won't fit.

Vinnie (Sydney, AU)
Great product Awesome

Great support and easy to use product.
Definitely works for me and only need the 15 min pre-set time.
I am using this for my lymphoedema and it most certainly helps. Easy to pack away each time and if you travel... its fabulous as it easily packs into its bag. Don't leave home without it. :-) well done Endurance

Stewart Pither (Hobart, AU)

Really good arrived on time easy to use

roger sharpe (Sydney, AU)

After only one week of using compression boots my swollen feet and ankles returned to normal

Endurance Lymphatic Drainage Massage Boots

Easy to put on, and gives a great massage. It gets in where needed.
Absolutely what was needed.

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Endurance Boots are my secret weapon as I aim towards the 2021 Tokyo Olympics Marathon. They really help me reduce any stiffness or soreness after my 2 hour + long runs each Sunday .

Harry Summers 3 x Time City To Surf Winner

I love My Endurance compression boots so much i use them up to Three times a day.

Remy Siemsen - Sydney FC Striker

The Intensity level is so much better than other boots I have used and the pressure is amazing

Hannah Scully Nutri-Grain Ironwoman