Endurance Pro Recovery Boots (W/6 chambers)
Endurance Pro Recovery Boots (W/6 chambers)
Endurance Pro Recovery Boots (W/6 chambers)
Endurance Pro Recovery Boots (W/6 chambers)
Endurance Pro Recovery Boots (W/6 chambers)
Endurance Pro Recovery Boots (W/6 chambers)
Endurance Pro Recovery Boots (W/6 chambers)
Endurance Pro Recovery Boots (W/6 chambers)

Endurance Pro Recovery Boots (W/6 chambers)

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Endurance Recovery Boots -
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The secret weapon against tired legs is now 100% portable. The set includes a mobile recovery device with 3h battery life and a pair boots in your size. Give your recovery a push at home or on the go!

100 % Portable

3 hours of battery life on the go.- 100% Portable
Enjoy more rested legs even without a power socket. Whether at the training ground, by the pool, or at the Game Endurance Recovery Boots Can go anywhere with you


M: The recovery boots in M ​​are sufficient up to a leg length of 81 cm. If your leg circumference is relatively low, you may need to balance it with a higher pressure to get the optimal recovery application.
L: With a leg length between 82 cm and 88 cm, 
XL: From a leg length of 89 cm recommend  XL.


at under 1kg its easy to travel with .


A: Flow
B: Intense
C: Intense Flow
D: Intense Pulse


The large number of chambers and the 3 boot sizes allow for optimal fit and perfect results.


  • Exclude pain-sensitive areas
  • Each chamber can be deactivated individually. You do not need to go without your secret weapon just because one specific area hurts!
    Quality advantage due to overlapping chambers
  • With the overlapping compression chambers, you achieve smooth transitions and a particularly effective massage.
    Pressure in 16 intensity levels
  • Adjust the compression pressure to your comfort! Up to 240 mmHg – roughly the air pressure of a volleyball.

Customer Reviews

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claire ashworth
Love my Recovery Boots, best recovery tool I have tried

I absolutely love my recovery boots. I wear them after all my hard or hilly runs and find I just feel so much better for the rest of the day and move a lot better the next day. I love the portability to the boots, very easy to take away whilst travelling or to a race. Can not recommend highly enough. Great for athletes of all abilities and training volumes.

Montana Mckinnon
Loving my recovery boots

Really good have been using them after every training

Kim-Alina Ross
Love these recovery pants

Love how it does my hips and glutes also. Definitely helping me recover quicker

Warren Williams
Great recovery tool for runners of any level

At the Run Squad and Up And Running squads we cater for runners of all ages and levels. Regardless of your running goals every runner is faced with the potential to suffer injury and therefore recovery is important to longevity in the sport. The Endurance Boots offer our runners immediate and easy to use recovery tool at home or straight after a session. The portability of the boots and carry bag allow us to take the boots to races to support our runners straight off the track. High quality and great value compared to similar brands, we highly recommend them.

Steven Mckenna
Injury Free Consistent Training

As a Professional Ironman Triathlete I need to maximise my Recovery as better recovery equals better results. Endurance Recovery Boots are the real deal, I have used multiple brands and these have impressed me the most so far. I am saving money by not paying for massage every week but I am also feeling much better as I can use the boots after every hard training session and for as long as I need for the blood to flush out all the rubbish! This is not another 1% to add to your training, these boots are much more, easy to assemble and use - worth the small investment! You'll get much out of these boots than you think. Consistency is everything and this is your ticket to injury free consistent training

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Endurance Boots are my secret weapon as I aim towards the 2021 Tokyo Olympics Marathon. They really help me reduce any stiffness or soreness after my 2 hour + long runs each Sunday .

Harry Summers 3 x Time City To Surf Winner

I love My Endurance compression boots so much i use them up to Three times a day.

Remy Siemsen - Sydney FC Striker

The Intensity level is so much better than other boots I have used and the pressure is amazing

Hannah Scully Nutri-Grain Ironwoman